Pictures from the CIPKEBIP startup conference (courtesy of Marjan Smrke):

The history beggins. Signing the CIPKEBIP contract in the office of Director at Jozef Stefan Institute (Dusan Turk, CIPKEBIP acting Director, Gregor Golobic, Minister of Science, High Education and Technology)

Getting known each other (Vito Turk, Gregor Golobic, Dusan Turk, Robert Huber, David Stuart - sitting)

Gregor Golobic explains: CIPKEBIP is the place to be. (Hartmud Luecke, Gregor Golobic, Jadran Lenarcic).

The VIP row getting ready for the opening:

Jadran Lenarcic, Director of Jozef stefan Institute

Gregor Golobic, Minister of Science, Higher Education and Technology

Vito Turk, ex Director of the Jozef Stefan Institute

Stane Pejovnik, Rector of University of Ljubljana

Franci Demsar, Director of ARRS

Everyone listens to the opening remarks of Dusan Turk. (Even Vito is quiet.)

Amazed audience and CIPKEBIP members.

Minister brings greetings (Gregor Golobic).

Calm down, get to the ground, CIPKEBIP. (Wayne Hendrickson)

Group photo (Gasilska slika) of happy people: invited speakers with Minister and acting Director (Walter Keller, Jan Dohnalek, Silvia Onesti, David Stuart, Wayne Hendrickson, Gregor Golobic, Robert Huber, Dusan Turk, Hartmud Luecke)

David Stuart definitly has a message to convey.

Better believe what I have just told you. (Hartmud Luecke)

Involved in a water break conversation. (Maja Rupnik in Vito Turk)

Nothing works better than hands. (Silvia Onesti)

This is me, can't you read the badge. (Jan Dohnalek)

The air is dry also for the audience. (Eva drinks water, Paola has only an empty glass left.)

Live long and prosper CIPKEBIP. (Robert Huber)